Fundacion PAZ-Holandesa: help Peruvian children

Every child deserves a healthy life, right? Fundacion PAZ-Holandesa helps children between the ages of 0 and 16 years old with congenital disabilities, since 1999. Their goal is to improve the social and economic circumstances of disadvantaged Peruvian children by providing free medical care.

In time they aim to set up an independent hospital. In combination with traditional and sustainable help, they want to support the Peruvian labour market by working with local workers.

DIY fundraising

Using the Kentaa DIY Fundraising platform, PAZ-Holandesa encourages people to set up fundraisers on their platform. The foundation is good at telling the story of who they are, what they have accomplished, and why they need money. Because of this, donors and fundraisers know where their money is going. PAZ-Holendesa keeps their community up to date with newsletters and a lot of imagery. Besides that, they encourage their community to share the link to their DIY platform via social media. They also frequently mention the platform in their newsletter.

The outcome

Despite the small number of fundraisers on the platform, the foundation has raised almost 10,000 euros!

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