Crowdfunding success stories

Kentaa Crowdfunding is used to reach all different kinds of goals. Look down below for organisations who used the platform to facilitate their supporters.


De vakantiebank foundation

There are a lot of Dutch families that live on social welfare. Most of them never have the opportunity to go on holiday. That’s why De vakantiebank foundation was founded in 2011 to give these people a carefree holiday in a nice recreational holiday park. To catch a break from their daily struggles and enjoy some time away from home. De Vakantiebank is a small foundation consisting of two employees and a team of six volunteers...

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The Simavi Foundation: Water Vending Machine

The Simavi Foundation strives to provide a healthy life for everyone, in association with local entrepreneurs. Iris and Said met each other in Tanzania. She was there for her work for Simavi and he is a local social entrepreneur with a mission: quality drinking water worldwide. He had a great idea: a Water Vending Machine. A system that produces drinking water using solar energy. The Simavi Foundation decided to support his idea...

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Helpcenter: a new food transportation van

The Helpcenter is a local non-profit organization that provides practical help for people in need and offers them support on the road to self-reliance and independence. A part of this aid is providing food-parcels. Helpcenter volunteers pick up the food in a food transportation van with a cooling system. Unfortunately, the vehicle was at the end of its rope. A replacement was needed to transport the food-parcels safely. While the organization did not have significant funds to buy the van, crowdfunding offered the solution...

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