What is Kentaa Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding responsive design


Crowdfunding is a populair method to raise money for a specific project. It's a powerful way to raise funds in a way that's in the current time spirit. As a donor you'll know exactly how your money is spent. Together with others you can make something beautiful possible. Donors can be individuals, companies and foundations.


What is Crowdfunding?

 "Crowdfunding is a nontraditional practice of funding a specific goal, service or product by raising (small) amounts of money from a large number of people." 

Kentaa Crowdfunding in a nutshell

  • For every (non-profit)organisation with a social mission and a Dutch Chamber of Commerce registration
  • Completely self-service
  • No donation costs or subscription fees
    • The platform is free to use
    • Only pay payment provider costs with Kentaa Go
    • There is no donation fee withheld from your revenue
  • Get a Kentaa.nl subdomain
  • Choose from 2 design templates
  • Monthly payout via a third party account (for Dutch organisations only)


The Kentaa dashboard includes

  • Content Management System building and managing a crowdfunding website
    • Design with logo, banner and brand colour
    • Content options include text, images and videos
    • Navigation bar with sub-navigation
    • Option to add downloads and an FAQ to any content page
    • Excel-exports of donor data
  • Crowdfunding module
    • Up to 3 simultaneous crowdfunding campaigns
    • Optional crowdfunding rewards for donors
    • Option to add an end date to campaigns
    • Donation overview including rewards
  • Automated email module
    • Flexible automated emails to donors

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Kentaa Crowdfunding is a white-label platform

Kentaa Crowdfunding is the only platform where you can keep your corporate design and choose your own domain. Kentaa takes care of the mechanics so you can fulfill your organisation's dreams. Build your own crowdfunding website in just a few minutes. It's easy!


Demo website 

To give you an example of what a Kentaa Crowdfunding page looks like, we've made a demo.

View demo